Newark Goes Totally Locally

Newark Goes Totally Locally!
Newark is the latest place to take Totally Locally! A crack team of volunteers is already working late into the night to bring you the launch event in sept ’13.
Totally Locally is about opening your eyes to the great independent shops and businesses which grace Newark and the nearby area. It’s here to encourage you to turn into the door of that shop you walk past every day. Go on, give it a try – there’s a good chance you’ll want to go back.
It’s about supporting local growers, producers and services: be it furniture makers, farmers, accountants or bakers.
Most of all though it’s about people. Great people. People who care about what they do, what they grow, what they make and ultimately the people they sell it to.
And it’s about all of us. A collective responsibility of all of us to support these businesses. Because when we do our towns thrive. If you support a local shop or business, chances are they support at least ten others. And those ten support another ten each. It’s the very structure of what we have come to love about this area.
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5 responses to “Newark Goes Totally Locally”

  1. Hi,
    I am the branch Manager of the Newark branch of The Nottingham Building Society and would liek to be part of the Totally Locally forum.

    Happy for emails or calls to get us integrated.

    Sarah Wallace

  2. apologies for the spelling mistake! Telephone number 01636 679830

  3. Ian Stephens says:

    Hi Folks
    Don’t know if I am too late for this season, but is there any chance of being included in this autumns campaign?
    If I can could you give me some sort of guide as to offer/content that would be good for you?
    Thanks very much.
    Lawn Master

  4. Hi, unfortunately the Contact Us page doesn’t appear to be working. Are you able to share details of the below event which your members are all invited to?

    Many thanks

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