IMG_9229Tell us the name of your favourite business/shop?
Café Amore

Who is the owner?
Martin Kirby

Why is it your favourite shop?
I love it because if offers great food in a great atmosphere. It has such a welcoming ambience.

What is the thing you love about it most?
It offers different home-made and home cooked food – everything looks and tastes fresh.

What makes them special?
They have a jovial host and efficient, friendly staff!

What do they sell?
Coffees, juices, daily specials of cakes and meals.

Do you know if they stock any locally made products? If so, what and where are they made?
They use fresh cuts of meat from local butchers (Doncasters), milk, etc.

Do they have a web address?

What is your name and shop/business?
Partytime and Flowertime – Katharine Whiles

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